Emergency Loan Program

The emergency loan program ("ELP") is designed as an emergency measure to support small business owners in meeting their immediate operating cashflow needs.

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Our Companies

All Nations Trust Company

All Nations Trust Company is Indigenous owned. Shareholders are comprised of Bands, Tribal Councils, Indigenous Organizations, Métis Associations, Status, Non-Status and Métis individuals. ANTCO is a provincially regulated financial institution with the fiduciary capacity to provide Trust; Agent; and Administrative services.Facebook

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All Nations Development Corporation

All Nations Development Corporation (ANDEVCO) was incorporated in 1987 under the Company Act of the Province of British Columbia; it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANTCO. ANDEVCO was formed to facilitate receipt of Native Economic Development Program (NEDP) funds for developmental lending.

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>> Business Equity Fund (BEF)
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Pathways to Technology, a project managed by All Nations Trust Company, is an initiative to bring affordable and reliable high-speed Internet to all 203 First Nations in BC.

We’re working to ensure First Nations people can connect with the world no matter where they live. 

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