Are you an Indigenous community seeking to grow or expand economic development and business in your area?

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As a 100% Indigenous owned financial institution in Canada, we have been working with Indigenous Communities for over 35 years, it is our experience and knowledge in this space that sets us apart from the rest. If you are an Indigenous community looking for financial solutions to enhance economic development, build or expand a community business or develop community lands, you have come to the right place. We can build a customized financial solution that best aligns with your plans. Over and above the significant capital we have available, we also have exclusive access to grants and non-repayable loans within our market service area. All of this adds up to a customized and competitive solution for your community.

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Business Loans

We are well capitalized and positioned to provide competitive business loans to Indigenous communities within our market service area. Perhaps your community is seeking funding to enhance their economic development to better attract investment or to create a joint venture partnership or build a business to meaningfully participate in opportunities; the bottom line is we have the experience, knowledge and depth of resources to help. Our business loan forms the foundation of the customized solution and with exclusive access to grants and non-repayable loans you can be assured that ANTCO will strive to build an overall financial solution that best aligns with the needs and plans of your community.

Grants for Indigenous Communities

Aboriginal Business Financing Program (ABFP)

Offering non-repayable business grants to Indigenous communities that are proposing to establish, acquire or expand an existing business or enhance economic development.

Additionally this grant can be used to assist with business planning, feasibility studies, marketing and other related business support services.

This grant may be available up to a maximum of $250,000 for communities, subject to availability and criteria requirements.

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First Citizens Fund (FCF)

The FCF provides a 40% contribution to the principal of your loan as you pay it off. The lifetime maximum you can borrow is $225,000. Every time 15% of the loan principle is paid off, a contribution of 10% of the principle is applied to the loan.

Additional details:

  • Available to business enterprises that are 51% Indigenous owned;
  • Minimum equity requirement is 15% of project costs; and
  • Not eligible for refinancing of existing debt.
  • Flexible amortization terms
  • Flexible payment terms

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