Are you an Indigenous Entrepreneur seeking financing to start up, expand or scale your business?

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At ANTCO we have been specializing in these areas for over 35 years. We are best at working with Indigenous entrepreneurs to understand their business needs and build a financing package that meets those needs. At the core of our financing package we seek to include non repayable grants, forgivable portions of the loan, along with our commercial loans. Further, we are always seeking additional grants that may become available from time to time for the benefit of our clients. We have been able to work with all levels of government in Canada so that we can build our very best financial package for our clients. Our service, knowledge of the industry and exceptional lending packages set us apart from the rest.
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Business Loans

At our core we are here to provide financial solutions to Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities. We have been doing this since 1984. Our business loan financing is one element of the solution and when this is developed we seek to ensure that our financing proposal is structured to best align with your financial needs including timing of payments, business cycle, terms and interest rates.

Grants for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Aboriginal Business Financing Program (ABFP)

Offering non-repayable business grants to Indigenous entrepreneurs for startup, expansion or the acquisition of a viable Indigenous owned business. Additionally this grant can be used to assist with business planning, feasibility studies, marketing and other related business support services. This grant may be available up to a maximum of $99,999 for individual entrepreneurs subject to availability and criteria requirements.
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New Relationship Trust, v1

New Relationship Trust (NRT)

The NRT has partnered with various B.C. Indigenous Financial Institutions, including ANTCO to offer an equity matching initiative intended to assist BC Indigenous entrepreneurs and First Nation Businesses with equity-matching funds to support, modernize or expand a business in BC. The grants are not offered as a stand-alone source of funding and must be applied for in conjunction with a business loan and are conditional on the approval of a loan that is supported by a viable business opportunity with confirmed equity, collateral, and business plan. The grants will reduce the cash burden for entrepreneurs in meeting their equity requirements of a business loan. This grant is available for the Indigenous entrepreneur up to $5,000.

First Citizens Fund (FCF)

The FCF provides a 40% contribution to the principal of your loan as you pay it off. The lifetime maximum you can borrow is $75,000. Every time 15% of the loan principle is paid off, a contribution of 10% of the principle is applied to the loan.

Additional details:

  • Available to business enterprises that are 51% Indigenous owned;
  • Minimum equity requirement is 15% of project costs; and
  • Not eligible for refinancing of existing debt.
  • Flexible amortization terms
  • Flexible payment terms
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