News Release: Indigenous Business Survey

News Release: Indigenous Business Survey
Date: 04 May 2020
Closing Date: TBD

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact economies, up to date information and data is critical to fully understanding the extent of the disruption to Indigenous businesses.  

The newly created Indigenous Business COVID-19 Response Taskforce is conducting The Indigenous Business Survey. The survey will gather information that could be used to advise the Government of Canada on policy decisions that will directly impact Indigenous businesses.  

Your participation is crucial. We know that you are being asked to complete a lot of surveys and it is time-consuming. This survey is uniquely targeted for Indigenous businesses and its results could have a major impact how the government moves forward on new policies affecting your business.   


Your participation will be anonymous and your organization will not be identified, unless you indicate that you are willing to provide goods or services to Canada’s medical supply chain, in which case, we would share only your name and company contact information with the appropriate department. 

Please click the following link to complete the survey 

Questions about the survey? Please contact 

Thank you for your participation.