ANTCO provides services and programs in:



ANTCO is an Indigenous owned Trust Company
that provides financial services

  1. Business Loans: For the development, expansion, modernization, and/or acquisition of viable business projects.

  2. First Citizens’ Fund (FCF) Business Loan Program: Administered for the Provincial Government, and subcontracts with other Aboriginal Capital Corporations in British Columbia.

  3. Commercial Mortgages: Available for business projects secured by either a mortgage or a mortgage of lease.

  4. Housing Mortgages
    • Band Assisted Housing Mortgages
    • CMHC Direct Lending

  5. Ancillary Services
    • Trust Capacity Agreements
    • Agency Agreements


All Nations Development Corporation (“ANDEVCO”),
a subsidiary of All Nations Trust Company

ANDEVCO provides the following services and programs:

  1. Business Support & Advisory Services: ANDEVCO provides a broad range of business support and advisory services:
    • Business and marketing plan assistance;
    • Access to financing for start-up, expansion, or acquisition of a business;
    • Referring clients to other programs and services.

  2. Business Development & Training: ANDEVCO provides business workshops and seminars to:
    • Indigenous entrepreneurs re: starting and financing a business;
    • Indigenous communities re: economic development opportunities

  3. Business Equity Fund (BEF):
    • Equity funding for business start-ups, expansions and acquisitions;
    • Funding for business plans and related pre-operating costs.