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ANTCO’s service area is vast, covering most of the province of British Columbia.  However more than the vastness, ANTCO’s territory is characterized by wide disparities in economic development and capacity.  There are large urban communities and small isolated communities.  It has also been ANTCO’s experience that entrepreneurs in isolated communities generally require a greater degree of mentoring, both before and after disbursement of their loan.

There are no geographic restrictions for mortgages. 

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ANTCO is committed to meeting the financial needs of Indigenous Communities. Therefore, ANTCO is pleased to offer the following loan products to Indigenous business ventures for Startup, Expansion, Acquisition or Modernization purposes:

First Citizens' Fund Loan Program

  • Loans are eligible for 40% deferred contribution grant;
  • Lifetime loan maximum for individuals is $75,000 and $225,000 for communities;

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Trustee Loan Program

  • Business Loans are 100% repayable with financing up to $100,000.00 for first Time Borrowers and up to $200,000.00 for repeat Borrowers;
  • Collateral security requirements assessed according to each business project.

Commercial Mortgages

  • Available for the construction, purchase or refinancing of business developments located on reserve; and
  • Secured by either a mortgage or mortgage of lease.


CMHC Direct Lending

ANTCO is the lender agent for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Direct Lending Program in BC.

The Direct Lending Program provides financing for eligible Section 95 social housing projects, both renewals and new commitments and offers the lowest average financing rate available.  All loans that are financed or renewed at the same time and for the same term receive an identical rate regardless of the size of the loan or the location of the project. 

For these Section 95 commitments, the interest rate cost plays a role in determining the amount of subsidy a Band will be eligible to receive and for new construction, the number of units they can build.

Bands are eligible to apply for Direct Lending financing for new project commitments or for refinancing of existing project loans.  For new commitments, Bands work with CMHC for approval of their project.  Bands require a Ministerial Guarantee as security for their project.  Once projects are approved and have the Ministerial Guarantee, Bands will work with CMHC and ANTCO on the delivery process.  For renewals, Bands will work directly with ANTCO throughout the renewal process.  

All Direct Lending loans are administered by ANTCO throughout the terms of their loans.

For more information, see CMHC’s website:

Or call: First Nations Housing (BC): 1-800-639-3938 and speak to a First Nations Consultant


ANTCO Business Loan Application

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ANTCO Loan Application - Fillable

Your loan application should clearly answer these 5 questions:

  1. How much money you want?
  2. What you want it for?
  3. When you will pay it back?
  4. How you will pay it back?
  5. What is offered as security?

Find out about the key components a lender looks for in your proposal and why.
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ANTCO Sample Business Plan
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