First Citizens' Fund

Art 8The First Citizens’ Fund (FCF) is a perpetual fund that was established by the Government of British Columbia in 1969, with an initial allocation of $25 million.  In 2001, the Government of British Columbia doubled the existing value of the fund, and the First Citizens’ Fund is now approximately $72 million.

  • Available to business enterprises that are 51% Indigenous owned;
  • Loans are eligible for 40% deferred contribution grant;
  • Lifetime loan maximum for individuals is $75,000 and $225,000 for communities;
  • Minimum equity requirement is 15% of project costs (cash and/or equipment); and
  • Not eligible for refinancing of existing debt.

The interest earned by the fund each year provides money to enhance economic development, cultural, social and educational opportunities for North American Indigenous people (status, non-status, Métis and Inuit) living in British Columbia.

The First Citizens’ Fund currently supports seven program areas:

  • Business Loans
  • Business Services Officers
  • Business Advisory Centres in Prince George, Cranbrook and Fort St. John
  • Elders Transportation
  • Student Bursaries
  • Friendship Centres (Program Directors)
  • Heritage, Language and Culture

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For complete information, visit the First Citizens' Fund website. 

New Relationship Trust

NRTThe New Relationship Trust (NRT) has developed and implemented the Equity Matching Initiative. This initiative will assist BC Indigenous Entrepreneurs with equity-matching funds up to $5,000, modernize or expand a business in BC.

NRT has partnered with All Nations Trust Company to deliver the equity matching funds at ANTCO's service area to Indigenous Business projects.

This Equity Matching Initiative will assist entrepreneurs in meeting their equity requirement of 10-15% for business loans.  Eligible applicants include Status and non-Status or Band owned projects that have presented a viable business opportunity with confirmed equity, collateral, and a satisfactory business plan.

Applications and assessment for the Equity Matching Initiative will be in concurrence with the business loan application, no need to make an additional application.

For further information, please contact us.


Business Equity Fund

In a special agreement with “Indigenous Services Canada” and the “National Aboriginal Capital Corporation Association” All Nations Trust Company is recognized as an “External Delivery Organization” for the Business Equity Fund (BEF).

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for support, an applicant must be a Canadian Indigenous individual or a Canadian corporation, partnership, association or other legal entity that is majority-owned and controlled by Canadian Indigenous people. Cases where Indigenous communities have a minority interest in a partnership or joint venture can be supported. In these situations, eligible costs will be prorated based on the level of Indigenous ownership and control in the venture. Any agreement to support the venture must be with the Indigenous proponent.

A Canadian Indigenous individual is a person who is one of the following:

  • Status Indian
  • Non - Status Indian
  • Inuk
  • Métis

Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities that are proposing to establish a business, acquire a business or expand an existing business, are eligible for support under the program. 

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ANTCO Loan Application

Art 6

ANTCO Loan Application

ANTCO Loan Application - Fillable

Your loan application should clearly answer these 5 questions:

  1. How much money you want?
  2. What you want it for?
  3. When you will pay it back?
  4. How you will pay it back?
  5. What is offered as security?

Find out about the key components a lender looks for in your proposal and why.
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ANTCO Sample Business Plan
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