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Shareholders of ANTCO

Shareholder Investment:

Art 13The Company is owned by Shareholders who are comprised of Bands, Tribal Councils, Indigenous Organizations, Métis Associations, Status, Non-Status, and Métis individuals. 

How to Purchase Shares:

  • Art 17

    You must be Indigenous

  • At least 75% of the Shares must be owned by Shareholders who are situated in the areas contained within the Kootenay, Lillooet, Shuswap, Nl’akapxm (Thompson) and Okanagan Tribal areas

  • Purchases must be approved by the Board

ANTCO does not have shares for sale however we do keep a list of those who have declared their interest in selling their shares. You may also approach another Shareholder and ask if they are interested in selling their shares.

Both the seller and the purchaser can call ANTCO and ask about the value of the shares from the most recent share valuation.

Once you have come to an agreement you contact ANTCO and request the share transfer forms and have these completed to be presented at the next Board of Directors Meeting for formal approval.